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i am a beginner in action script and i meet some problems with events.

I try de do a quite similar things with flash games like "FarmVille" :

  • i have a bar with menu in a "Hbox"
  • i have a view in a "Canvas"

When my mouse is inside the Hbox my Canvas still receive mouse events and it makes me unhappy!

I thought to listen for event MOUSE_OVER/MOUSE_DOWN in the HBOX then removelistener/addlistener for mouse events in the Canvas ...

BUT, removelistener needs a "listener" methods and my canvas has, but in another classes ...

I imagine, this is a very common problem and i think it exists a simple, nice way to make this kind of trick ...

Maybe can i also stop the event propagation in the events handler of my HBOX ... Don't know how to do ...

Thank you very much :)

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set mouseEnabled="false" on the Canvas element. More Info

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Thanks, that works! – 7vingt Dec 9 '11 at 17:45

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