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I'm new the the LINQ to XML world. I'm attempting to retrieve the value of Identity but only when the domain attribute of Credential is "NetworkID". Here's the code I'm testing with:

XML Snippet:

  <Credential domain="NetworkID">


var credential = xdoc.Descendants("Sender")
         .Where(x => x.Attribute("domain").Value == "NetworkID").FirstOrDefault()


Obviously, if the Credential node is not found, the LINQ query will generate an error because I'm calling .Descendants() on null.

Is it possible to write the query so that it return Identity or null if either element is not found?

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Just remove FirstOrDefault() after the Where():

var credential = xdoc.Descendants("Sender")
                     .Where(x => x.Attribute("domain").Value == "NetworkID")

Where() returns empty result set and FirstOrDefault() on empty result set returns null this is why .Where().FirstOrDefault().Descendants() caused null reference exception.

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If you use

    var identity = 
        .Where(x => (string)x.Attribute("domain") == "NetworkID")

you should get what you want. Or you need to break the code up, doing one FirstOrDefault() in the first part e.g.

   var credential = xdoc.Descendants("Sender").Elements("Credential").FirstOrDefault(c => (string)c.Attribute("domain") == "NetworkID");
   var identity = credential != null ? credential.Element("Identity") : null;
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