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I'm trying to create a little application to store snippets of code using nodejs and mongodb I'm using Coffeescript to write the app.

The problem is, i want to separate the code in modules so i create this folder structure


The core.coffe is the "server" app using expressjs so in this file i have

mongoose = module.exports.mongoose = require 'mongoose'
app      = module.exports.app   = express.createServer()
Snippet  = module.exports.Snippet = require __dirname+'/lib/models/Snippet'
#App configurations
routes  = require(__dirname+'/lib/routes/general')

In lib/models/Snippet

mongoose = module.parent.exports.mongoose
Snippet = new mongoose.Schema
        type: String

mongoose.model 'Snippet',Snippet
exports.Snippet = mongoose.model 'Snippet'

In /lib/routes/general.coffee

app      = module.parent.exports.app
mongoose = module.parent.exports.mongoose
Snippet  = module.parent.exports.Snippet

app.get '/test', (req,res)->
    snip = new Snippet()
    res.send snip

But this don't work i get the following error message

TypeError: object is not a function

How can I accomplish that?

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Where are you getting the TypeError? On snip = new Snippet()? –  Trevor Burnham Dec 9 '11 at 19:27
Yes!!! exactly this line. –  msdark Dec 9 '11 at 21:22
Have you checked that require __dirname+'/lib/models/Snippet' is returning a function in core.coffee? –  Trevor Burnham Dec 9 '11 at 22:07

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Let's start by looking at how you're using require. It looks like you're trying to load all the project's requirements in core.coffee, and then re-export them elsewhere. That's an odd way of doing it, most people just require those libraries in each module that needs them (for now at least, see the end of my answer).

For example, you need mongoose in lib/models/Snippet, so just require it there:


mongoose = require 'mongoose'

Next, there's no need to use __dirname to require a relative path, require copes fine with a path starting with ./:

require './lib/models/Snippet'

I still wasn't able to get the code to work cleanly (I'm guessing we're not seeing the full code), but it might be enough to set you on the right path.

Finally, if you want to go down the route of exporting everything on the main module can I suggest taking a look at dave-elkan's layers project. The plain version doesn't support coffeescript, but I've created a fork that does.

It's very lightweight, and makes almost no assumptions about your project structure. The basic idea is that you give layers() your express app object and a directory. Layers will scan that directory and set up any subdirectories as layers on your app object.

In your case you'd pass in a rootPath: __dirname + '/lib' and your app object would get app.models.Snippet and app.routes.general added onto it. That's still not quite how I'd structure it, but you might be able to come up with something that matches your style from there.

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I see a noteworthy typo:

Snippet  = module.exports.Snippt = require __dirname+'/lib/models/Snippet'

Change module.exports.Snippt to module.exports.Snippet.

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was a typo here.. .. i fix that –  msdark Dec 9 '11 at 21:21

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