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I have three objects (List, ListType and GlobalList) and am trying to get a count of the items in GlobalList with a specific global_id and a specific list_type_id.

This seems to work:

select count(*) from globals_lists gl, lists l where gl.global_id=946 and gl.list_id=l.id and l.list_type_id=10;

The structure is the following:

class ListType < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_many: lists

class List < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_many :global_lists
   belongs_to :list_type

class GlobalList < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :list

Not sure how to do AR call - at this but can seem to put a where on the join. The list_type_id will always be 10.


How would I do this ActiveRecord call? Most of the stuff I found via Google involved named scopes, but it seems like this should be able to be done without scopes.

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First approach:

result = GlobalList
  .select("COUNT(*) AS total")
  .where("globals_lists.global_id=? AND lists.list_type_id=?",119, 10)

Then you will account your result using result.total

Second approach is tho use count method instead of select("COUNT(*) AS total")

  .where("globals_lists.global_id=? AND lists.list_type_id=?",119, 10)

You can find more about ActiveRecord Query Interface in Rails Guides, or directly at what you are interested in count and joins

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