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I have 3 tables.


example record: 1, 'Ford'


example record: 1, 1, 'Focus'


example record: 1 1 'My ad', 20000

How to execute a query that returned result example:

My ad Ford Focus 20000
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Do a join? Have you got any code yet? – konsolenfreddy Dec 9 '11 at 19:29
You want an INNER JOIN - have a look here – Adrian Cornish Dec 9 '11 at 19:31

Using your exact spellings:

SELECT, mk.mark_name, mo.mondel_name, a.price
FROM Adds a
INNER JOIN Model mo ON mo.id_model = a.id_model
INNER JOIN Mark mk ON mk.id_mark = mo.id_mark

Though instead of including id_mark in your Model table, I think you should have a join table that consists of nothing but id_model and id_mark and the key is comprised of both fields.

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select adds.id_model, mark.mark_name, model.model_name adds.price
from mark, model, adds
where model.id_mark = mark.id_mark and adds.id_model = model.id_model
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select, ma.mark_name, mo.model_name, a.price
from adds a, mark ma, model mo
where a.id_model = mo.id_model
and ma.id_mark = mo.id_mark

Be carefull with the data model, if you query just like that and there is more than one mark for the model you gonna get something like

My ad Ford Focus 20000 My ad Fiat Focus 20000

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