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I'm trying to place a simple contact form on my site. In the application file, I have,

post '/contact' do
  name = params[:name]
  mail = params[:mail]
  inquirykind = params [:inquirykind]
  body = params[:body]
    delivery_method :smtp, { :address => "",
                             :port => 587,    
                         :user_name => "",
                         :password => "password",
                         :authentication => 'plain',
                         :enable_starttls_auto => true }

  mail = do
    from     '#{mail}'
    to       ''
    subject  '#{inquirykind} from #{name}'
    body     '#{body}'

  redirect '/thanks'



I try to run the app and promptly get the error,

app.rb:47: syntax error, unexpected keyword_end, expecting $end

I've muddled up this simple form somehow, and don't know enough Ruby to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

share|improve this question should be Mail.defaults do – mu is too short Dec 9 '11 at 20:07
gaa! of course.... – haiqus Dec 10 '11 at 0:11

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