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What is the best way to copy schema from one user/instance/server:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@deeb02:1535:DH, user pov

to another user/instance/server

jdbc:oracle:thin:@123.456.789.123:1523:orcl, user vrs_development


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Similarly, if you're using Oracle 10g+, you should be able to make this work with Data Pump:

expdp user1/pass1@db1 directory=dp_out schemas=user1 dumpfile=user1.dmp logfile=user1.log

And to import:

impdp user2/pass2@db2 directory=dp_out remap_schema=user1:user2 dumpfile=user1.dmp logfile=user2.log
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There was one issue for me. It was necessary to setup dp_out. I have done it in following way: grant create any directory to SCHEMA_NAME; create directory DP_OUT as 'PATH_TO_DIR'; –  Demwis Jul 1 '14 at 9:22

Use oracle exp utility to take a dump of the schema from the first database

exp user1/pass1@db1 owner=user1 file=user1.dmp log=user1.log

Then use imp utility to populate the other schema in the other datbase

imp user2/pass2@db2 fromuser=user1 touser=user2 file=user1.dmp log=user2.log
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