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I have this output when I do var_dump($myvar) on a variable.

    object(stdClass)#5 (19) {
      string(118) "Tune in to @Current TV this Saturday for post-debate commentary from me + @JenGranholm + Cenk Uygur #PoliticallyDirect"

How do I reach the "text" attribute? I thought it would be $myvar["text"] but that gives me this error message:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array

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(reference) – Gordon Dec 9 '11 at 20:27
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If the member names are simple, you can use the -> operator:

echo $myvar->text;

You can use an alternate syntax to access members names that contain special characters (JSON decoded data often produces such cases):

echo $myvar->{'some-other-text-with-hyphens'};
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You have an object of stdClass, use the dereference/object-access operator:

echo $myvar->text;
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Thanks. I feel like a moron for asking that :P – Dbugger Dec 9 '11 at 20:24

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