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I got this api running in python and can get it to update a .csv file but when I just have it print stocks I have no idea where it is outputting this data. Here is my code:

import urllib
import os
import time

# loop that checks stock prices every 20 seconds and adds them to the file
while 1:
    # sometimes this program gives me socket errors so if it does skip this itteration of the loop
        stocks = urllib.urlopen('').read()
    except IOError:
        print ("error reading the socket")
        time.sleep(120) #if we don't sleep here loop constently retrys with no delay
    print stocks
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To format it as code, add 4 spaces extra before each line of code (press edit on your post to see how it was done). – John Doe Dec 9 '11 at 20:55

It works. There should be no issue.

>>> stocks = urllib.urlopen('').read()
>>> print stocks
"JPM","JP Morgan Chase &",33.175,"+0.955"
"C","Citigroup, Inc. N",28.87,"+1.12"

Why do you want to do that in a loop? and if it succeeds, you are immediately making another query.

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python >> outfile

In your comments you say you want the output to go to a file. This will continually append to outfile

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By default it prints to sys.stdout. Check the documentation for print.

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