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I configured identity provider and Relying party application in ACS and i see that ACS is sending SAML token to my return URL

Now the question is: How do i process the SAML token in java , validate it and extract the claims?

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I'd suggest looking at Cloud Ninja for Java, a reference app demonstrating how to build multi-tenant applications in Windows Azure with Java.

If you look at the TenantProvisioning app, you'll see, which is a good place to start, as it creates new tenants, sets up relying party, etc. You'll need to look at the TenantDashboard app to see how users are authenticated. Under the utils folder, you'll see

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(I'm not a Java programmer)

Have you tried OpenSAML explained here

As the ACS returns a valid SAML, you can process it with any SAML aware library.

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