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Good Afternoon,

Does any body know if we can return values from a delete statement when using it with the TableAdapters (types dataset).

The delete statement uses a stored procedure which returns value. Can I get this value in my page?

thank you in advance.

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If you like to use your name to sign messages, don't include it in the post, but change your username! :) – mac Dec 10 '11 at 16:01

Yes, you can return the value if you define the query ExecuteMode as Scalar and then retrieve the value when you execute the query.

Here's a blog post showing how it's done in more detail: How to retrieve stored procedure return values from TableAdapter

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namespace WindowsApplication1.TasksDatasetTableAdapters {

public partial class tbTasksTableAdapter


    public object GetReturnValue(int commandIndex)


        return this.CommandCollection[commandIndex].Parameters[0].Value;




TasksDatasetTableAdapters.tbTasksTableAdapter taCustomers = new WindowsApplication1.TasksDatasetTableAdapters.tbTasksTableAdapter();

String taskName;

int taskPriority;

DateTime taskDueDate;

int returnValue;

taskName = "Test";

taskPriority = 1;

taskDueDate = System.DateTime.Now;

taCustomers.InsertTask(taskName, taskPriority, taskDueDate);

returnValue = (int)taCustomers.GetReturnValue(1);
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