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I have a regular expression that matches the following numbers.


973-882-9444 ext 6114


However it does not match.

(+1) 623-975-5296


How can I modify this to also accept these.

^(?:1(?:[. -])?)?(?:\((?=\d{3}\)))?([2-9]\d{2})(?:(?<=\(\d{3})\))? ?(?:(?<=\d{3})[.-])?([2-9]\d{2})[. -]?(\d{4})(?: (?i:ext)\.? ?(\d{1,5}))?$
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It always helps to know what language you are using when asking regex questions. – gpojd Dec 9 '11 at 21:39
better to simply do a replace of /[^0-9x]/ to "" and then split the string on x. first part should be 10-11 chars, extension will be the second part if it exists. – zzzzBov Dec 9 '11 at 21:42
@zzzzBov - That won't work if validation is taking place, or if this is looking for phone numbers embedded in other text. – Justin Morgan Dec 9 '11 at 21:45
Sorry. Its php. The phone number is all by itself. There are just thousands of them, I am checking for valid ones and splitting the extensions into another column. – Tom Dec 9 '11 at 21:47
@JustinMorgan, it also wont work if the extension isn't separated by an x character. If searching is the goal, use a set of common phone number patterns each as their own RegEx, rather than trying to create one behemoth. – zzzzBov Dec 9 '11 at 21:47

It looks to me like you can simply replace this part at the beginning:

^(?:1(?:[. -])?)?

with this:

^(?:\(?\+?1\)?(?:[. -])?)?

Or if you want to be strict about the parentheses matching:

^(?:(?:\((?=.?1\)))?\+?1\)?(?:[. -])?)?
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I would incorporate next part to your regexp to match those other telephones:


It means the plus sign with a digit. Adapt it if can be more digits inside parenthesis or more space after it. Final regexp could be like this.

^(?:(?:1(?:[. -])?)?(?:\((?=\d{3}\)))?|(?:\(\+\d\)\s))?([2-9]\d{2})(?:^(?<=\(\d{3})\))? ?(?:(?<=\d{3})[.-])?([2-9]\d{2})[. -]?(\d{4})(?: (?i:ext)\.? ?(\d{1,5}))?$

I divide in lines the part I've changed to adapt new telephone numbers:

    (?:1(?:[. -])?)?
([2-9]\d{2})(?:^(?<=\(\d{3})\))? ?(?:(?<=\d{3})[.-])?([2-9]\d{2})[. -]?(\d{4})(?: (?i:ext)\.? ?(\d{1,5}))?$

In my test it works with the five telephones of your post.

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