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I am using this link from Oleg and Demo to create context menu. Is there a way to pass some dynamic values to each row apart from rowId. May be one way is to set hidden values for each row and get those hidden column values but not sure how to implement this functionality. Thanks for any help or suggestions..

    loadComplete: function(data) {
        // Fix the Grid Width...
        // Context Menu
        $("tr.jqgrow", this).contextMenu('contextMenu', {
            bindings: {
                'abc1': function(trigger) {
        // would like to pass some custom values
                'abc2': function(trigger) {
            // open a link in new window using a hyperlink
                'abc3': function(trigger) {
            // custom logic
            onContextMenu : function(event, menu) {
                //var rowId = $(event.target).parent("tr").attr("id");
                //var grid = $("#grid");
                //return true;                                    
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You can use trigger parameter which has id initialized as the rowid. So you can use getCell or getRowData. For example the abc1 method can be like the following

loadComplete: function () {
    var $this = $(this); // it will be the same like $("#grid")
    $("tr.jqgrow", this).contextMenu('contextMenu', {
        bindings: {
            abc1: function(trigger) {
                var rowData = $(this).jqGrid('getRowData', trigger.id);
                // now you can access any data from the row including
                // hidden columns with the syntax: rowData.colName
                // where colName in the value of 'name' property of
                // the column
        onContextMenu : function(event, menu) {
        // next settings 
        menuStyle: {
            backgroundColor: '#fcfdfd',
            border: '1px solid #a6c9e2',
            maxWidth: '600px', // to be sure
            width: '100%' // to have good width of the menu
        itemHoverStyle: {
            border: '1px solid #79b7e7',
            color: '#1d5987',
            backgroundColor: '#d0e5f5'

see here one more demo which uses menuStyle and itemHoverStyle which improve a little the visibility of the context menu. The demo is from the bug request which I recently posted.

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Thanks a lot Oleg, you are very helpful. Is it possible to increase the width of contextmenu, for me the text is being wrapped if it's too long. Also is it possible to use a hyperlink for any menu item to directly goto another page(target=_blank) on click of menu item? –  varaprakash Dec 9 '11 at 22:20
@varaprakash: Very good question! I tested a little and updated the answer with width: '100%' in the menuStyle and other parameters. –  Oleg Dec 9 '11 at 22:46
@varaprakash: I forgot to mention about the bug report which I recently posted. My suggestions could be also interesting for you. To open the URL you need just set window.location. See here or here for example. –  Oleg Dec 9 '11 at 23:05
Awesome, working perfectly. Thanks again!!! Regarding new window, I knew I could call a function and say window.open() but it opens a new window/tab for every click where as <a href='' target='_blank'> reloads the previously opened window/tab. That's why I was looking for anchor tag. I was able to solve this issue with window.open(url, 'windowname', '', true) itself by passing true in the last arguement which replaces the history document, that means it reloads in the previously opened window itself. So all is well, thank you :) –  varaprakash Dec 9 '11 at 23:25
This is what I did: 'abc1': function(trigger) { openPage(idfromHiddenColumn); }, function openPage(id) { var url = "some_url?id=" + id; window.open(url, 'some_window', '', true); return false; } –  varaprakash Dec 9 '11 at 23:28

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