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I have a previously declared char c[64]; and I'm trying to look at the first word of the output of a pipe:

read(pipe_replacement_to_main[READ_END], c, BUF_SIZE);
istringstream response_stream(string(c));
string response_string;
getline(response_stream, response_string, ' ');

And gcc gives me the following at that fourth line:

error: no matching function for call to ‘getline(std::istringstream (&)(std::string), std::string&, char)’

I can't even figure out how it's trying to call the function. Did I declare the istringstream wrong?

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Most vexing parse, add a pair of parenthesis inside the constructor of response_stream.

istringstream response_stream((string(c)));
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A nice demonstration of the true "power" of C++.

The way you declared the response_stream variable, it is actually a function rather than type istringstream.

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