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Is there a way to override the sinatra default NotFound error page ("Sinatra doesnt know this ditty")? I want sinatra to show only a plain string as "Method not found" when it does not found the proper route, but when I raise an 404 error from inside a route I want it to show the passed-in error message.

Implementing the not_found block like this:

 not_found do
    'Method not found.' 

works, but its not a valid option since I want to be able to throw my own NotFound error messages from routes like this:

 get '/' do
      # some processing that can raise an exception if resource not found
    rescue => e
      error 404, e.message.to_json

But as expected not_found block overrides my error message.

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If you don't use error handling in your route, you can utilize the built in error route like this (taken and modified from the Sinatra: Up and Running book)

require 'sinatra'

configure do
  set :show_exceptions, false

get '/div_by_zero' do
  0 / 0
  "You won't see me."

not_found do

error do
  "Error is: " + params['captures'].first.inspect

There is a parameter captures that holds your error. You can access it via params['captures']. It is an array, and in my tests it would contain a single element, which was the error itself (not a string).

Here is information on the request object.

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I, that works but not for unmatched routes, so if I have a sinatra application like the one you posted and try to reach for example /this_is_not_a_present_route I still see the default sinatra page instead of the error message. –  João Pereira Dec 10 '11 at 15:24
So if you have a request for a non-existent route, then use the not_found route. In the request object, there is request.path which would give you 'this_is_not_a_present_route' in your example. I updated the example too. –  phoffer Dec 10 '11 at 18:01
Hi, the problem is how to do not override other 404 error messages raised from inside routes. That way it will always present the request.path if trying to reach a not implemented route but will to show it if some 404 error is raised from inside routes. –  João Pereira Dec 11 '11 at 12:23
If you're raising an error from inside a route, you shouldn't be sending back a 404, you should sending back a 500 or even 503. 404 is for when the requested URI is not found. –  phoffer Dec 11 '11 at 21:46
In the example, params['captures'] does not contain exceptions or error messages. It is populated with the regular expression captures if they are specified in the path (i.e., get %r{/id/(\d+)} do end). So this answer is off base. Use env['sinatra.error'] to access the exception object. –  Clint Pachl May 22 '14 at 1:44
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Nevermind, found that all routes are matched in order, so after all routes I put get/post/put/delete '*' do ; end and that solves my problem.

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Perhaps a more graceful solution than that proposed in the accepted answer is to rescue only Sinatra::NotFound, rather than using the error(404) or not_found styles.

error Sinatra::NotFound do
  content_type 'text/plain'
  [404, 'Not Found']

This prevents the "sinatra doesn't know this ditty" default page for routes that you haven't defined, but doesn't get in the way of explicit return [404, 'Something else']-style responses.

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