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I'm using Plesk 10.3.1. I have some settings made in the Plesk Firewall Tool:

The Plesk Panel (port 8443) is only accessable from defined IPs. SSH is open for all (not for root and on an ohter port)

Now, when I have an IP which is not allow for plesk panel I cant login. So I connect to SSH and want add my current IP to the iptables rules, how to do that or where is the needed file?

how can I edit (where is the file?) and restart the current iptables rules generated with the plesk firewall script/tool in the console?

plesk 10.3 dont use /etc/sysconfig/iptables file, this is empty or only has standard config ...


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From what little I know, Plesk stores the firewall configuration in /sbin/iptables for Ubuntu.

I followed this Firewall logging tutorial which explains how to add a new iptables set of rules.

I'm wary to give you specific advice as you can knacker yourself very quickly with iptables.

However running $ /sbin/iptables --line-numbers -nL is a good place to start which will show you the existing iptables rules that you have.

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