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Can anyone explain me with an example, by using REST Client to do GET/POST/PUT operations in a Rest web service?

In POST/PUT, using REST Client, need to pass the whole xml body to do POST/PUT operations.

For example, Using REST Client

I need to get the content of a service using,


POST an xml to an url:


PUT an xml to an URL:



Can anyone help me with examples for all the REST Client HTTP METHODS with example?

I need to send the whole XML along with namespace to a rest service using PUT/POST operations of REST Client.

If anyone have examples on this, kindly post then please.

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Please visit here, simple example of REST Client webdevsurya.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/… – Jaydipsinh Mar 18 '14 at 12:41
require 'rest_client'

RestClient.get 'http://example.com/resource', {:params => {:id => 50, 'foo' => 'bar'}}

RestClient.get 'http://example.com/resource'

xml = '<xml><foo>bar</foo><bar>foo</bar></xml>'

RestClient.post 'http://example.com/resource', xml , {:content_type => :xml}

RestClient.put 'http://example.com/resource', xml , {:content_type => :xml}

RestClient.delete 'http://example.com/resource'

See more examples and documentation at https://github.com/rest-client/rest-client

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require 'rest-client' – Raf Jul 14 '15 at 9:05

The Readme file at the git site for the rest-client gem has a whole bunch of examples of how to do requests, include parameters, etc.

I'd start with that.

If there are specific things that are not working, then it generally helps to post the code you've tried that you think SHOULD be working, and then it's usually easier for people to tell where you are going wrong.

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