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I'm trying to use the SWIG rename to change the name for the auto generated proxy Java class, to I've tried the below, as it works fine for C structs as per this question but it's not working for C enums. Any ideas? I'm getting some warnings that don't quite lead me to the problem...

%module Example

%rename (Example) test_cache_t_;
typedef enum test_cache_t_ {
    CACHE_FALSE = 0,
    CACHE_TRUE = 1
} test_cache_t;

  #include "Example.h"
%include "Example.h"
[exec] /test/include/Example.h:84: Warning 302: Identifier 'test_cache_t' redefined (ignored) (Renamed from 'test_cache_t_'),
[exec] test.i:7: Warning 302: previous definition of 'test_cache_t' (Renamed from 'test_cache_t_').
[exec] /test/include/Example.h:82: Warning 302: Identifier 'CACHE_FALSE' redefined (ignored),
[exec] test.i:5: Warning 302: previous definition of 'CACHE_FALSE'.
[exec] /test/include/Example.h:84: Warning 302: Identifier 'CACHE_TRUE' redefined (ignored),
[exec] test.i:7: Warning 302: previous definition of 'CACHE_TRUE'.
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You have two problems here I think:

  1. Your module has the same name as your (%renamed) type, so you have two things wanting to be

    Solution: change the name of either the module or the new name from %rename

  2. It looks like you've provided SWIG two definitions of the same enum, once in the interface file and once in the header file.

    Solution: probably remove typedef enum test_cache_t_ from the interface file, alternatively use %ignore before the %include, or drop the %include altogether.

My final interface file when testing ended up looking like:

%module SomeOtherName

  #include "Example.h"

%rename (Example) test_cache_t;

%include "Example.h"

Oddly for this to work I had to use the typedef'd name in the %rename, not the enum name. I'm not quite sure why that seems to be the opposite of the case for struct/class.

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#2 was my issue. I was using the "Example" name in place of the real names. – c12 Dec 9 '11 at 23:32

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