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I've determined that a Java ArrayList.add is similar to a JavaScript Array.push

I'm stuck on finding ArrayList functions similar to the following

  • Array.pop
  • Array.shift
  • Array.unshift I'm leaning toward ArrayList.remove[At]

The last one is the most important for what I'm working on now (Android). Thanks in advance!

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ArrayList is unique in its naming standards. Here's the equivalencies:

Array.pop     -> ArrayList.remove(int index);
Array.shift   -> ArrayList.remove(0);
Array.unshift -> ArrayList.add(int index, Object o); //Index would be 0
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Great explanation! –  Alexander Suraphel Oct 25 '13 at 14:29
If you're doing a lot of "unshifting" but not a lot of getting at middle indices, you may find ArrayList to be inferior to LinkedList in terms of actual run times. –  Patrick Nov 2 '13 at 10:34
+1 Short, sweet, to the point, and easy to follow. Great! –  Ethan Welborn Mar 11 at 6:44

maybe you want to take a look java.util.Stack class. it has push, pop methods. and implemented List interface.

for shift/unshift, you can reference @Jon's answer.

however, something of ArrayList you may want to care about , arrayList is not synchronized. but Stack is. (sub-class of Vector). If you have thread-safe requirement, Stack may be better than ArrayList.

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I was facing with this problem some time ago and I found java.util.LinkedList is best for my case. It has several methods, with different namings, but they're doing what is needed:

push()    -> LinkedList.addLast(); // Or just LinkedList.add();
pop()     -> LinkedList.pollLast();
shift()   -> LinkedList.pollFirst();
unshift() -> LinkedList.addFirst();
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