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I got the following code to change text in a input if it has presence of a text set in the attribute texttoreplace of this same input:

    $(".replace_path").focusout(function() {

Its working fine except I can only trigger when the focus is out. Is there a way to accomplish the same result triggering the event in case value > 0? Cause I got another java script source adding the text to that input. (its not being typed).


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You can use change() event listener:

$('.replace_path').change(function() {
  if ( $('.replace_path').val() > 0 ){
    alert('Handler for .change() called.');

But you should be careful about starting an infinite recursive loop, because focusout will update the value of .replace_path and this will trigger the change callback function.

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The problem with .change() and .focusout(), is that they both require the user to .blur() the event before it fires.

You can just trigger the event directly though:

function yourJavaScript() {
   $(".replace_path").val('your custom text');
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