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Using Httparty, I get the following response

@parsed_reponse = > {"items" => {"@no" => "1", "@type" => "book", "@category" => "GENERAL" }}

when i use the following code to access @no, I am getting the following error: "Can't convert String into Integer"

r = @response.parsed_response["items"]["@no"]

Can anyone help on this? I do get "Can't convert String into Integer" or "Undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)"

Can anyone explain this with an example?

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I am no HTTParty expert but here is an example of what I do to iterate through all the data in a response:

class Items
  include HTTParty
  default_params :output => 'xml'
  format :xml
  base_uri '<base_uri>'

xml =  Items.get('<xmlFile>')

xml["items"].each do |item|
  puts Integer(item['@no'])
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