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Ok, I've been using Redmine for awhile now, but I'm tired of how long it takes to edit/add bugs. Seriously, it's like 5 clicks and 15 tabs to do a basic change/addition. Worse than that, you have to navigate to new pages to edit, etc.

What I'd LOVE is to have something like Redmine (I really like it for the most part) but with the added capability of editing data from the "Summary" view. Really I'd be happy with the ability just to change bug status from the summary page (I realize editing summaries might get messy from the main page b/c of screen real estate).

Excel won't cut it because of sharing with a team and I would like to have the option of drilling down to details, seeing an audit trail, etc. like in Redmine.

Is this silly? Everything I've looked at (Trac, Bugzilla, Mantis, etc.) has basically the same interface: issue detail screen where you edit stuff, summary page where you can't. Editing lots of issues takes forever because you have to click between pages a ton.

It annoys me enough that I'm tempted to roll my own if there's not one in existence.

I should add that I have a strong preference to open source tools. I'm fine paying for some software, but I feel better if my core development tools and processes are supported by free software. It makes it more flexible to change the setup on a whim to fit new needs. Also to avoid any lock-in for core tools.

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Take a look at OnTime -- it's highly configurable so it's likely you'll be able to create exactly the summary view you're looking for. I've used it for the last five years and highly recommend it.

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We use Gemini and love it exactly for this reason. You can edit items on the grid itself by clicking on the field to change thus making our life much easier!

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