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I'm requesting one of the basic, cheap Godaddy SSL certs. It seems to me that on this basic type of cert it doesn't matter too much what you enter in the fields

Picture 1.png

because on this type of cert Godaddy will use their own information (Arizona as the state, Scottsdale as the city, etc)


That's really fine with me - my main concern is privacy (things like the e-mail address field - I don't want to get spammed), and so I was wondering:

  1. Is there is another way to look up this information besides going to an ssl page in the browser and clicking on the SSL icon in the navigation bar? Perhaps a command line tool?

  2. On other, more expensive certificates is all of this information freely available?

  3. What is the "challenge password" used for? I don't remember ever using it.
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To answer your first two questions, no we do not include an email address or phone number on any certificate anywhere. There is no place to look it up because it does not exist on the SSL. Our Extended Validation SSLs will have a city and state but again no phone or email.

The challenge password is an extra attribute and doesn't need to be used, but can be sent with the CSR info if desired. ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

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Thanks Colby. I'm still unclear on the purpose for the challenge password, but the rest of the info is great to know! –  cwd Dec 16 '11 at 20:52
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