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My STS version is 2.8.1.My Java is 1.6.0_29. My OS is Windows XP, Version 2002.Service Pack 3. I installed STS with all suggested components. I am new to STS, but not to spring. From Dashboard I create a new "Spring Template Project".I select the "Spring MVC Project" as the template. I give the project a name "GoodProject" and select "com.duckranger.goodproject" as the top level package. As the project gets created both "servlet-context.xml" & "root-context.xml" are in error state.But STS does not tell me what the error is. I go ahead & try to run it in server.The error is "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.beans.FatalBeanException". Am I missing something.Pl. help.

I found out most of the problems can be attributed to maven. First time when I installed STS I did not install maven as I already had maven-2.0.7.I deleted the STS installation & workspace & re-installed it.Now I included maven-3.0.3 as well.This time context files are not in red.But the pom is telling 7 of the dependencies could not be transferred from maven central repository.So I manually downloaded them & put them in /.m2/repository.This way it worked.Still there were red marks in home.jsp.It is not finding the jstl core tag library.In the preliminary jsp file - the jsp page only displays server time - there was no need for any tags, so I removed the taglib reference & finally the mvc template project worked.Now the challenge is why it is not finding the tag library?

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