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In R, using maps package, and gcIntermediate function, how do I draw lines between two countries? It needs lat-long, but I'm not sure what lat-long should I give for countries (say I want to draw a line between USA and sweden)

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There are multiple maps you could use, depending on what info/detail/etc. you need, but for this the very nice wrld_simpl will do just fine:



US_lat = wrld_simpl$LAT[wrld_simpl$NAME == 'United States']
US_lon = wrld_simpl$LON[wrld_simpl$NAME == 'United States']

SWE_lat = wrld_simpl$LAT[wrld_simpl$NAME == 'Sweden']
SWE_lon = wrld_simpl$LON[wrld_simpl$NAME == 'Sweden']

points = gcIntermediate(c(US_lon, US_lat), c(SWE_lon, SWE_lat), 100), height=4)
lines(points, col='red')

enter image description here

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Nice! I'm doing it with lines from many countries to Brazil. For some countries after ~120 degrees East (like Australia, New Zealand, Japan...) the lines go east, became strait, go all 360 degrees to the other side of the screen, and then continue its round path. Any way to solve that? – Rodrigo Jul 9 '13 at 18:19

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