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i have created a debuggable fortran executable (let's call it 'myfortranprogram') and I am able to debug, set breakpoints, etc. by passing it through the gdb debugger:

cd sourcedir/
gdb myfortranprogram
#start debugging

Suppose the source files are in the same source directory 'sourcedir', if that makes a difference at all.

So compiling with the terminal becomes a little bit slow for very large projects and I would prefer to debug using the XCode interface. Since myfortranprogram is already a debuggable executable, what are the steps i have to take to get it debugged in XCode? It is my understanding that XCode is able to debug using gdb.


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Ah, found the answer: http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-807021.html

it's simple, just create an empty project in xcode, point a new custom executable to the path of the compiled application, and do 'run myexecutablename'

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