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so i have the minify working on my site but it says

Note: Please set $min_cachePath in /min/config.php to improve performance.

And in that folder i have this?

 * For best performance, specify your temp directory here. Otherwise Minify
 * will have to load extra code to guess. Some examples below:
 //$min_cachePath = '/tmp';
 //$min_cachePath = preg_replace('/^\\d+;/', '', session_save_path());

so do i just make a folder named tmp and delete the // in front of the //$min_cachePath = '/tmp'; and make it $min_cachePath = '/tmp';

or do i have to add permissions to the file and add a text file in it too?

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/tmp is a standard system directory (you don't mention it anywhere, but I'm going to assume you're using Linux or some other *nix). It is writable by everyone, so all you need to do is uncomment that line (remove the leading //).

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no, /tmp is not necessary writable by the apache user – ajreal Dec 10 '11 at 5:14
@ajreal, no, not necessarily, but in most typical configurations it is – Brian Dec 10 '11 at 5:29

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