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When using KeyFactory kg = KeyFactory.getInstance(ALGORITHM) what are the different algorithms that could be used? I know there is "DSA", "RSA" but which other are supported?

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You can get the list of supported algorithms for KeyFactory here. You can get a list algorithms supported by other security related classes here

  • DiffieHellman : Keys for the Diffie-Hellman KeyAgreement algorithm. Note: key.getAlgorithm() will return "DH" instead of "DiffieHellman".
  • DSA: Keys for the Digital Signature Algorithm.
  • RSA: Keys for the RSA algorithm (Signature/Cipher).
  • EC
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Actually, the correct reference is here. EC is not supported in any Sun/Oracle provider in Java 6. EC is supported by third-party providers, for example the Bouncycastle provider. – James K Polk Dec 11 '11 at 1:40

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