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I have a doctrine class User which is of this hierarchy Doctrine_Record -> BaseUser -> User. In PHP symfony you are aware that you can access doctrine record using array accessor as well methods. Each class has @property and a method.

$user['mode'] == $user->getMode()

When I am writing PHPUnit test cases, I am unable to mock occurrences where array accessor method is used.

Here is sample code from unit test as well the actual code -


class User extends BaseUser {
public function clearInactiveUsers()
    foreach ($this->users as $user) {
      if (!$user['mode']) {
        unset($this->users[array_search($user, $this->users)]);

This is the test for it


public function testOnlyInactiveUsersAreRemoved()
    $userGroup = new UserGroup();
    $user_1 = $this->getMock('User');
    $user_2 = $this->getMock('User');
    $this->assertCount(1, $userGroup->getUsers());

I am trying to mock the occurrence $user['mode'] in the code. What I am doing wrong?

I have referenced following link and wrote above code.

PHPUnit - creating Mock objects to act as stubs for properties

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You need to tell PHPUnit to mock the methods before setting their expectations. Also, you're accessing mode via array access--not property access. Does BaseUser implement ArrayAccess? You should be mocking offsetGet instead of __get.

$user_1 = $this->getMock('User', array('offsetGet'));
$user_2 = $this->getMock('User', array('offsetGet'));
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I just edited my code. The User class code is pasted above as well. – Sachin D Dec 10 '11 at 8:11
@dharmapurikar - I updated my answer based on your update. – David Harkness Dec 10 '11 at 21:40

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