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I am working on a project with python and I need to help about logging part. My logger have two handler(syslog and file log) and it send logs to both of them. Sometimes I need to send logs only one of them. How can I choose handler to be used? Thanks for help...

global my_Sysloghandler
global my_logger, my_log_handler

my_log_handler= logging.FileHandler('/var/log/{0}.log'.format(__project__))
my_log_handler.setFormatter(logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(message)s'))                                                                              
my_logger= logging.getLogger('my_logger')

my_logger.debug('This log is sent to both handler but I want to send it only my_logger')
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Your code extract is incomplete. What is the value of level? Set the level of my_log_handler to DEBUG and the level of my_Sysloghandler to INFO and as a result everything logged as DEBUG will ONLY be logged to your my_log_handler. –  gecco Dec 10 '11 at 8:23

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I think your choices are:

  • Prioritize one over the other (i.e. SysLogHandler gets INFO messages or above, while FileHandler gets DEBUG or above)
  • Use two different logger instances.

FWIW, the regular logging docs can be tough to read through. Instead, take a look at the Logging HOWTO and Logging Cookbook for something more easily digestible.

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