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When you look at who you're following on Twitter, the buttons change from Follow to Unfollow (switch from green to red AND change from check-mark to x-mark).

How would I replicate this on my website? I realize it's probably a combination of bootstrap-css and bootstrap-buttons.js, but I can't figure it out...

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As far as I know, Twitter actually doesn't use Bootstrap for twitter.com; I think they only use it for small, mostly-internal projects. –  icktoofay Dec 10 '11 at 8:13

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bootstrap-buttons.js is a new feature in Twitter Bootstrap. But you can also do it manually using jQuery.

Here's a button (green)

<a href="#" class="follow btn success" onmouseover="change_btn();">&check; Following</a>

now, you need to change the class and content of the button on hover,:

// Javascript File
function change_btn(){

$('.follow').html("&cross; UnFollow");


This script will remove and add classes to change the background of the button and also changes the content in it.

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I had the same question but I think I figured it out a little bit by checking the element of the following button on Twitter.com. it can be done in pure CSS, for example:

<div class="follow-button-combo is-following">
  <a href="xxxx" class="btn">
    <div class="is-following">Following</div>
    <div class="to-follow">Follow</div>
    <div class="to-unfollow">Unfollow</div>

the button will contain 3 different action texts at the same time. and we can use CSS to hide 2 of them, according to the condition:

in SCSS:

/* in SCSS file */
.follow-button-combo {
  /* Following, make the combo's class = "is-following"
     so only the "Following" text is shown */
  &.is-following {
    .btn {@extend .btn-success;}
    .is-following {display:block;}
    .to-follow {display:none;}
    .to-unfollow {display:none;}
    /* when hover, only the "Unfollow" text is shown */
    &:hover {
      .btn{@extend .btn-danger;} /* the button color changes to red */
      .is-following {display:none;}
      .to-follow {display:none;}
      .to-unfollow {display:block;} } 

  /* Not following, make the combo's class = "not-following"
     so only the "Follow" text is shown */
  &.not-following {     
    .is-following {display:none;}
    .to-follow {display:block;}
    .to-unfollow {display:none;}    
    /* when hover, nothing changes */
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