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Is it possible to have different versions of NodeJS installed on the same machine?

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There are several node managers which you can use to achieve this, but the most popular are:

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N seems really awesome, but it doesn't seem to override my running version of node.js. Do you use n, and know how to get it to pre-empt your originally installed version of node? – Will Buck Apr 13 '12 at 16:22
I actually use NVM at the moment, and I can always roll back to whatever version of Node I want and make is the default. N should have that functionality also though. – alessioalex Apr 13 '12 at 20:00
I'll just keep looking then, thanks for the suggestions btw! – Will Buck Apr 15 '12 at 14:40

I use nave.

> npm install -g nave
> nave use 0.4.12 # starts a subshell with 0.4.12 at the head of the path
> node --version
> exit # go back to the original shell
> nave use 0.6.5
> node --version
> nave usemain

Note that the first time you need a version, it will be downloaded and compiled for you.

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Nave requires bash. It will probably never work on Windows, or other systems lack a native Bourne Again Shell. – Diogo Cardoso Jun 13 '14 at 16:04
You can also create named environments. E.g nave use foobar will ask you what version of node to associate with foobar.Once it is created, it can be switched to using the same command. – GiriB Jan 20 at 12:43

If you need something simple, the n utility is just for you.

Install it (use sudo prefix in commands if required):

npm -g install n

then :

npm cache clean -f

(don't be scared about the warning)

then just ask n to (download if required and) use the version you specify. For instance:

n 0.11.13

Et voilà !

Should you install multiple versions, you'll be able to switch between them. See the n page for details.

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The best option is node version manager NVM is very simple to install and you can change from one version to another with a simple nvm use command.

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Windows users check out nvmw here.

You can go quite a long way down trying to install some of the other versions listed before realising there's no Windows support.

e.g. on the page for nave

It will probably never work on Windows, or other systems lack a native Bourne Again Shell. Sorry.

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nvmw seems to be not supported anymore: "SORRY, nvmw is no longer maintained. If someone wants to keep maintained, contact me by email or twitter." – 1800 INFORMATION May 8 at 22:05

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