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Hey friends can you help me out with this issue. I have a JSON:

video_orders = {
    "channel": {
        "1": "relevance",
        "2": "published",
        "3": "viewCount",
        "4": "rating"
    "playlist": {
        "1": "position",
        "2": "commentCount",
        "3": "duration",
        "4": "published",
        "5": "title",
        "6": "viewCount"
    "favorites": {
        "1": "standard"

What i am trying to do is a Jquery each to get all values inside the keys like "channel", "playlist", "favorites".

Currenly what i am doing is:

$(video_orders['channel']).each(function(index, value){
   console.log(index+' : '+value);

So the output should be like:(if i do console.log)

1 : relevance
2 : published
3 : viewCount
4 : rating

But what i get is all wrong. What am i doing wrong? How can accomplish it? Thanks in advance.

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You're using the wrong each, you want $.each, not $(...).each:

$.each(video_orders['channel'], function(index, value){
   console.log(index+' : '+value);

The $(...).each function is used to iterate over a set of matched DOM elements:

Iterate over a jQuery object, executing a function for each matched element.

The $.each function is:

A generic iterator function, which can be used to seamlessly iterate over both objects and arrays.


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Thanks guys, my mistake. Really appreciate for the quick and perfect answer. – Sumeet Kashyap Dec 10 '11 at 8:39

You're trying to use $(selector).each(function) (which is meant for jQuery selectors) instead of $.each(collection, function) (which is meant for any collection).

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