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I am doing a painting app. In that, I draw some image. But I want to add undo operation to remove the previous drawn item. How can I implement that undo operation?

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How do you store the objects that have been drawn? The answer highly depends on your code. Core Data has a nice undo/redo mechanism. –  dasdom Dec 10 '11 at 9:51
i added one button for saving that drawn image. so, when i hit save button, then its stored into core data. –  Nari Dec 10 '11 at 10:07

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There is an application named TouchPainter and its source code is available. It contains drawing, color blending, Undo/Redo (Amazing..!!), Save/Open drawings..

Note : It may require very deep level knowledge of Objective C. The whole application's source code is explained in this book "Apress.Pro.Objective-C.Design.Patterns.for.iOS.Mar.2010" available and source code is also available here :


I hope it will be helpful to you.. :) Good luck..

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Here's the Memento pattern.

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refer to this link: Design Pattern for Undo Engine

Generally speaking, you need to implement a Command Pattern(or a similar one). If one operation can be reversed,(for example, in graphics program, you scale up a circle), you can store the modification in the command. else, you might have to save a deep clone of the previous state.

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