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I want to increase a size of image which is used as cursor.

Currently i am not able to put image more than 128 by 128.

But i want to put it with more size.

so how to do that?

I am using

cursor: url(hand.png), auto;
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You can combine css + jQuery if necessary, even if combining them is not always perfect:


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You can use CSS (or JavaScript) to hide the 'real' cursor. Then create a div with the background and size of the new cursor which will reposition itself to where the 'real' hidden cursor is every time the mouse moves. Basically it will look like a real cursor but the disadvantages to this is that i don't think the hide cursor CSS property works in the browser Opera. If you are interested in this method, let me know I will post it up once I'm near a computer (not on an iPad)

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With CSS? I am afraid it can't be done. I think you should try to use some software which can edit icon file and re-size it.

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