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I am making dynamic markers. I got success in that. But here is problem that if there is two same lat-log then it place only one marker there. Instead of that I want to change the marker icon if there is two same lat-log. I am taking lat-log from database. Any help.

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Yes, I have found the solution of this problem. I am using two array The code is as following:

var contentStrings = new Array();
var markers = new Array();

and getting the position

var pos = marker.getPosition();
                var isPresent = false;
                var index;
                for(var i = 0; i < markers.length; i++) {
                    if(String(pos) == String(markers[i])) {
                        isPresent = true;
                        index = i;
                if(isPresent) { 
                    contentString = contentStrings[index] + '<div><br/> Tutor Name : '+data.name+'<br/>Link : '+data.url+'</div>';
                } else {
                    contentString = '<div> Tutor Name : '+data.name+'<br/>Link : '+data.url+'</div>';

Its really working fine.

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