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I am a beginner and new to .Net Technology. I have a web aaplication with five pages.

1.Index page (Index.html)
2.About us   (AboutUs.html)
3.Contact us (ContactUs.html)
4.User login page   (Login.aspx)
5.User home page    (UserHome.aspx)

In all pages, there is a menu to navigate to all other pages. My problem is that if a user log in and then navigate to contact us. Then he wants to log out from that page (html page) how can i clear session variable? Is it possible to clear session in an html page? . I am using VS 2008 C# Asp.net 3.5 Framework. Any help will be appreciated. regards,

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aaaaa no, session are server side variables and can not be changeable in client side.

here are 3 solutions :

1 (it is my recommended offer) use master page 2 run a ajax script to clear sessions (if you are beginner is it difficult) 3 redirect user to page (for example logout.aspx) and in its code behind and in onLoad Method put this code :

Session["UserId"] = null;

if you need more help comment me to edit my answer

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Thanks for your reply –  sun Dec 10 '11 at 10:50

you may try to add code like

<% Session.Abandon() %>

in your HTML page.

This style called inline ASP .net Code.

Note that, inline code still works in all .Net version event in the classic one.

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