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I am working on a project where I am to use the Kinect to track facial expressions and animate a 3D model (.ply) accordingly.

So far I have managed to track a human face with a finite number of key-points on the face. I am able to get the coordinates of each key-point at every frame.

I am not very adept with animating techniques and general concepts of Mesh deformation and would really appreciate if one could provide a library which provides a high-level API so as to do said animation using x,y coordinates of key-points.

I am aware of CUBICA but unsure whether it can be used for what I want. Please excuse me as I am not very adept with this and would appreciate any help.

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I too am looking for something that would do this (with .NET if possible), so I could hook Kinect up, set the position of each joint and see the character animate - without needing to set the position and angle of each bone which quickly gets very complex when you take into account the X,Y and Z positions.

So far my research has lead me to believe I will need a 3D engine that supports inverse kinematics - if anyone else had any better advice I'd be keen to hear it.

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