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I'm building a Windows forms application that connects to a database.

I used the generate database from model function in Visual Studio 2010 to create the database in SQL Server.

I have two tables:


Id (auto_increment)


Id (auto_increment)
User_Id (fk)

Now I know how to show those tables in two DataGridViews with the following code:

 dataGridViewUsers.DataSource = DBManager.Instance.MyModelContainer.UserSet;
 dataGridViewUserAddress.DataSource = DBManager.Instance.MyModelContainer.UserAdressSet;

The problem is that in the dataGridViewUserAddress the user column (the one that represents the relationship with the User table) does not show the foreign key (User_Id) unique value, it just shows MyModelContainer.User for every row in the table.

And this is the same for every relationship in the database, how can I see the actual foreign key value?

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