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Hi as the title says I'm looking for a cross platform reverse proxy that can be pre configured and then redistributed.


There are multiple people running 5 apps on servers

locahost:8080 locahost:8081 locahost:8082 locahost:8083 locahost:8084

Now with the reverse proxy I would like to set it up so

localhost/one localhost/two localhost/three localhost/four localhost/five

I could manually set it up with Apache or something similar for each person but it seems wiser to pre configure something and then just redistribute it so everyone can just run it and it works out the box. I was thinking of python as its cross platform but haven't found anything suitable yet. Does anyone know of anything that doesn't have tons of frills and is lightweight?


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I know this is rather late, but Node.js has a number of proxy components that would fit. node-http-proxy being the most commonly quoted.

Node.js works well on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux at least) and is based on Google's "V8" JavaScript engine. It is non-blocking and highly performant.

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