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I'm trying to show the list of bluetooth devices associated with my PC using bluecove, but it just keep scaning without finding anything, it shows this message on the terminal:

BlueCove version 2.1.0 on winsock

and stays there without showing any device.

Here is the code I'm using:

BluetoothDeviceDiscovery bluetoothDeviceDiscovery=new BluetoothDeviceDiscovery();
        //display local device address and name
        LocalDevice localDevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();
        System.out.println("Address: "+localDevice.getBluetoothAddress());
        System.out.println("Name: "+localDevice.getFriendlyName());
        //find devices
        DiscoveryAgent agent = localDevice.getDiscoveryAgent();

I think it's a problem in the local device since it's not even showing the adress of the local device.

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Are you on Windows 64bit? If so, you may find you need to use BlueCove 2.1.1 SNAPSHOT. Try this here: http://snapshot.bluecove.org/distribution/download/2.1.1-SNAPSHOT/2.1.1-SNAPSHOT.62/.

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