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The idea of my project is to show solid text on a transparent form control.

I have used this technique to make the form transparent:

BackColor = Color.Lime;
TransparencyKey = Color.Lime;

The problem I'm having is coloured edges around the text. I've tried drawing anti-aliased text using graphics and displaying the text using labels but neither worked. I still have disgusting-looking, pixelated, lime edges around my text.

I looked around a little - posts are usually concerned with making the form transparent not dealing with this issue.

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You can get reasonable output by using TextRenderingHint.AntiAliasGridFit.

private void TestForm_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e) {
  e.Graphics.TextRenderingHint = System.Drawing.Text.TextRenderingHint.AntiAliasGridFit;
  e.Graphics.DrawString("Header", this.Font, SystemBrushes.WindowText, new Point(1, 1));

But if you plan on using large fonts, it won't render too well since it can't really antialias properly.

The nature of fonts, in general, is to have a background to draw on. If you have black text on a transparent form, and the end user has a black background-- the end user isn't going to see anything.

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Yup. Did you mean small fonts? –  Hans Passant Dec 10 '11 at 15:00
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