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I have created mylist that reads out:

[('GCK', '3e-12'), ('ist', '6e-30'), ('iso', '5e-15'), ('tig', '5e-77')]

when I run the sort function:


it sorts the list on the 2nd column, but only by the 1st integer

[('GCKDGN101ANI4S', '3e-12'), ('isotig13037', '5e-15'), ('isotig14607', '5e-77'), ('isotig03156', '6e-30')]

How do I get it to sort by the entire number in the 2nd column so that the order is:

[('GCK', '3e-12'), ('ist', '5e-15'), ('tig', '6e-30'), ('iso', '5e-77')]
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'3e-12' is not a number, it is a string. String are sorted by each letter.

You want to sort numbers so you have to convert them first. Either in the original data:

old = [('GCK', '3e-12'), ('ist', '6e-30'), ('iso', '5e-15'), ('tig', '5e-77')]
new = [(name, float(x)) for name,x in old]

or convert the items during sorting:

old.sort(key=lambda elem: float(elem[1]))
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Thank you for the explanation! –  EWC Dec 11 '11 at 23:36
>>> l = [('GCK', '3e-12'), ('ist', '6e-30'), ('iso', '5e-15'), ('tig', '5e-77')]
>>> sorted(l, key=lambda x: float(x[1]), reverse=True)
[('GCK', '3e-12'), ('iso', '5e-15'), ('ist', '6e-30'), ('tig', '5e-77')]
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You just need to add float conversion:

>>> mylist.sort(key=lambda x:float(x[1]), reverse=True)
>>> mylist
[('GCK', '3e-12'), ('iso', '5e-15'), ('ist', '6e-30'), ('tig', '5e-77')]
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You can convert strings to numbers first.

import operator

a = [('GCKDGN101ANI4S', '3e-12'), ('isotig13037', '5e-15'), ('isotig14607', '5e-77'), ('isotig03156', '6e-30')]
converted_a = [ (row[0],float(row[1])) for row in a ]
converted_a.sort(key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True)

print converted_a
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