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for example the A.razortemplate

    crumb:<a href="">@Page.Title</a>><a href="">@Post.Title</a>

the above code in the one template(A),it include three @Model object that @Page,@Post,@User.i read the RazorEngine code,find just can pass one @Model patameter to the template,the following code from RazorEngine project.

protected virtual ITemplate CreateTemplate<T>(Type templateType, T model)
    var instance = CreateTemplate(templateType);
    SetModel(instance, model);
    return instance;

i hated only just can pass one @Model,i need to some more flexible method,i can remove crumb statement from template at anytime,can add time of the post.

for the above problem,may be i can create a new class and create three propertys for @page,@post,@user,i think it not perfect solution.

by the way,i want to take the RazorEngine as the front-end template(like a string template etc.),the ASP.NET as back-end just do sql operation and pass data to front-end.someone can give some suggest?thanks.

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RazorEngine uses a singular Model property be default. This property can be any type you like, so why not create a composite model:

public class TemplateModel
    public PostModel Post { get; set; }
    public UserModel User { get; set; }
    public PageModel Page { get; set; }

That way you can pass a singular model, and access the properties as:

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