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Is there a way to show the results of DDL statements such as CREATE/ALTER; after they are "run" in the query window?

By default it just shows "command(s) completed".

Is there a way to see something similar to the results Oracle shows from the same commands?

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"command(s) completed" after a create table command is very similar to 'table created' oracle sql*plus message.

If you need a desc my_table you can execute sp_help my_table

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Thanks, that's what I'll use. Appreciate the quick response. – Chaddeus Dec 10 '11 at 15:26

Built-in? No, not that I know of. But you can easily do this with a SELECT to the respective catalog view to verify what you've just done. Something like this would work:

create login SomeTestLogin with password = 'password'

select *
from sys.server_principals
where name = 'SomeTestLogin'
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You can also use sp_helptext my_sp for describe stored procedure, function, or view

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