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When I open vim help, I press 0 to goto beginning of line;
When I press j to scroll down, the cursor jumps to right 8 spaces when focusing tab
And the cursor jumps back when focusing non-tab
It's not very good for eyes.
Is there an option to let vim focus the beginning of tab to let cursor stay at column 0?

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You can achieve this by setting

set virtualedit=all

This lets you position the cursor anywhere in the buffer, even beyond the end of the line and before a tab character. In help virtualedit there is a warning that it might break some scripts or plugins, so use it carefully!

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Another option:


set list lcs=tab:\ \ 
" Note the extra space after the second \
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Good to know this tip. Thanks –  kev Mar 15 '13 at 0:38
This approach works for me... unless I want to have soft wrapping with breaks at words, which according to the wiki requires set nolist... –  Daniel Buckmaster Jul 12 at 13:42

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