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Here is my code:

using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio;
using System.IO;

Stream stream = TitleContainer.OpenStream("sounds/BEEP.WAV");
SoundEffect effect = SoundEffect.FromStream(stream);

I get InvalidOperationException in line "SoundEffect effect = SoundEffect.FromStream(stream)" Any ideas how to fix it?

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According to the MSDN documentation, the file pointed to by stream has very specific requirements:

The Stream object must point to the head of a valid PCM wave file. Also, this wave file must be in the RIFF bitstream format.

The audio format has the following restrictions:

    Must be a PCM wave file
    Can only be mono or stereo
    Must be 8 or 16 bit
    Sample rate must be between 8,000 Hz and 48,000 Hz
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