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I use an UIScrollView to set the position of a CCLayer (when i drag with the finger). It work fine but in this CCLayer i've got a CCMenu with one button CCMenuItemImage.

When i click on this button it's ok. But if i press the button and drag just a little bit the layer, the button stay pressed and become not responsive.

thanks for your help

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The UIScrollView interferes with the touch events received by CCMenu. It was never designed to share its touches with a UIView.

You have these options:

  • find and fix the issue by modifying the CCMenu class
  • write your own menu class
  • don't use UIScrollView or disable its touch input while the menu is active
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I think you'll need to modify CCMenu and attempt to disable the scroll view's ability to scroll on touch. Have a look at the UIScrollView properties called scrollEnabled and delayContentTouches.

By the time the CCMenuItem callback has been called, it might already be too late.

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