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I am trying to write a stored procedure that checks if a value exist, and if it does not, it will insert it. The problem I am having is it nots stroing. The schema for this procedure is tag_id VARCHAR(24) primary key and tag varchar(255)

Create the Procedure


CREATE PROCEDURE `create_tag_not_exist` (IN tag_id VARCHAR(24), IN tag VARCHAR(255))
IF(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tags WHERE tag_id = tag_id <= 0 ) THEN
INSERT INTO tags(tag_id, tag) VALUES (tag_id, tag);
END //

Insert data into it

call create_tag_not_exist('abc123', 'doeraeme');

Yet the table is still empty. Am I doing something wrong?

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In the WHERE clause, Tag_id appears to be numeric, but in the INSERT and example call it is VARCHAR(24). What data type is correct? –  Sparky Dec 10 '11 at 17:25
The were clause is reading it as numeric? I'm trying to find if any results with the tag_id exist, so I thought combining count and <=0 would do that. –  Devin Dixon Dec 10 '11 at 17:28

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Try this


    CREATE PROCEDURE `create_tag_not_exist` (IN tagID VARCHAR(24), 
                                             IN tag VARCHAR(255))
    IF( (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tags WHERE tag_id = TagID)<1) THEN
    INSERT INTO tags(tagID, tag) VALUES (tag_id, tag);
    END IF;
    END //

I changed the parameter name from Tag_id to TagID to prevent confusion in the field name and parameter name.

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Couple of things a bit dodgy about your sproc. Try the following:

drop table if exists tags;
create table tags
tag_id smallint unsigned not null primary key,
name varchar(255) unique not null

drop procedure if exists insert_tag;

delimiter #

create procedure insert_tag
in p_tag_id smallint unsigned,
in p_name varchar(255)

    if exists (select 1 from tags where tag_id = p_tag_id) then 
       leave proc_main;
    end if;

    insert into tags (tag_id, name) values (p_tag_id, p_name);

end proc_main #

delimiter ;

call insert_tag(1,'tag one');
call insert_tag(2,'tag two');
call insert_tag(1,'tag one');
call insert_tag(3,'tag three');

select * from tags;

Hope this helps :)

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+1 for the complete answer including example, including redefining the parameters to be of a better type and demonstrating the EXISTS keyword. –  dash Dec 10 '11 at 17:45

Firstly, I would consider prefixing your variables with some string to distinguish them from column names - it will make your query easier to read. I use underscores.

Your IF check is wrong - your bracket is in the wrong place.

 IF (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tags where tag_id = _tagid) = 0 THEN
         INSERT INTO tags(tag_id, tag) VALUES (_tagid, _tag);
      END IF;

I'd also recommend passing in your paramters as the same type as the column you are querying on. Otherwise you will be relying on type conversions (where they exist). So tag_id should really be passed in as an int (assuming it is an int).

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Assuming tag_id is not NULL, this will always be true:

WHERE tag_id = tag_id

One solution is to give the parameter a different name from the column:

WHERE tag_id = parameter_tag_id

Or prefix the column with its table alias:

FROM tags WHERE tags.tag_id = tag_id 
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