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I'm using closure templates and I can't figure out how to have one main template with common stuff such as logo and when I render other templates they will be rendered inside the main one. I want to have a servlet for each template.

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What you could to would be something like this:

Call the main template from inside the other templates. Inside the other templates you can define the parameters for your main template.

For example:

 {namespace com.example}

 * Says hello to a person (or to the world if no person is given).
 * @param title the page title
 * @param body the page body
{template .base}

* Search Result
{template .servlet1}
  {call base}
    {param title}
      Example Title
    {param body}
      Here comes my body!

Of course you end up with a lot of parameters if you want to have a flexible and full html page. But this should lead you the way.

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